It has come to our attention that certain of our readers are not entirely aware of where Grand Rapids is.  That's okay.  We're happy to help. 

Grand Rapids may not be on the way to anywhere, but it is a great place to be.  While some residents bemoan the harsh winters, we say that if it's warm enough to snow it's not too cold.  Some complain of too few restaurants and museums.  We say that we have affordable housing and it's easy to find parking.  Some say the shopping is dull.  But we remind them that Grand Rapids has the internet too.  

It really is a great town.  It's walkable.  It's bikeable.  Everything is within fifteen minutes by car.  New restaurants pop up every summer. 

Speaking of the summer, a forty minute drive will get you to the beach. 
And they don't let scary German Shepherds roam the beach which is a bonus.  We've seen those pictures on E! of celebrities playing Frisbee with their dogs in Malibu.  Who wants that?

The neighborhoods are heavily wooded which turns the landscape into a color wheel every fall.  

We believe Grand Rapids has a lot to offer.  But there is one thing we will never claim.  Grand Rapids is not on the way to anywhere.  It is certainly not a rest stop between Chicago and Ann Arbor.  We deeply regret that one of our readers is stopping in Grand Rapids on his/her commute from Chicago to Ann Arbor.  It sounds like this is a rather important job.  Being such we would imagine that sleep is coveted.  It seems that our reader's commute is taking an additional hour on an already lengthy trip.  
Image courtesy of MapQuest.  Orange Circle around Grand Rapids courtesy of Windows Paint.

We recommend you spend your nights in Kalamazoo and discover what the locals there already know.  


  1. I would like to request that you review more restaurants... like Applebee's... there's always a good story (not good food though) to be had at Applebee's, just ask!

  2. Garcia,
    It sounds like Applebee's may have, at some point in your past, left you with some gastrointestinal inconveniences. This is typically something I do not wish on myself or the team here at Hometown Tourists. However, we will take your suggestion into consideration at our next staff meeting.


  3. I like that the date is in European time.

  4. We determined that an element of American self-importance (which is what we intend to convey)included a faux European sentiment.