Initial Reactions

Juli and I hope to communicate more frequently during ArtPrize.  I went down on Wednesday night and walked around on Thursday for an hour or two after a long morning of jury selection. In October I will be hearing a case involving larceny of less than $200.  Sadly, I was not selected to hear the case where a young adult was choosing to represent himself.  His legal theory seems to be that it is unconstitutional for the State to suspend a driver's license in certain situations.  He could not be more wrong and yet I long to hear the case.  In the meantime I eagerly anticipate getting the $17.50 from the 61st District Court. Although, I do not believe it will cover the cost of healing the scars that remain from the Today Show karaoke with Kathy Lee and Hoda. (This isn't the official video,however it's equally disturbing.)
On Wednesday I sauntered around Center City and Thursday walked through the UICA and Site:Lab. In the past two years my favorite works have been rather large and dramatic installations.  Two days in, my favorites are a large sculpture and a tiny sculpture. 
A conversation with Myself
Serial Reproduction

(Again, these photos are from the ArtPrize website.  Click on the captions to link to the artist page.)

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