We Wanted So Much More.

Or, Electric Cheetah, Part I

Juli and I were both in need for a little levity. Her car was out of commission as was my ankle. So, in the middle of the work week, we decided to lunch at the Electric Cheetah. The Electric Cheetah, a member of the Wealthy Street Business Alliance, is on the southernmost border of East Hills dangerously close to the Baxter neighborhood. For the last dozen years organizations such as The East Hills Council of Neighbors and the Wealthy Street Business Alliance has successfully worked to revitalize the neighborhood by promoting local business and affordable housing. Our patronage of the Electric Cheetah was our effort to support their efforts.

Atmosphere: 3/5: The decor is chaotic. And it's loud. Very loud.

Presentation: 2/5: We were both overwhelmed with our plates as we saw them approaching. Heaping piles of potato chips filled any and all nooks and crannies on the plate.

Technique: 3/5: Shortly before our sandwiches arrived, the waitress informed me that they were out of gluten free buns. Rather than changing my order I took a few digestive enzymes and went with a traditional bun, which I believe they had just taken out of the freezer and toasted as the center was a little chilly. Juli's "crusty bread" was anything but.

Taste: 4/5: Juli ordered the Classic French Dip. Apart from the not so crisply crusted roll, the roast beef was flavorful and balanced. She reported that the leftovers were far better when she toasted the sandwich in the oven.
I sprung for the East Coast Pulled Pork. Again the flavor was fantastic, although it was slightly dry. A spot more barbecue sauce would have gone a long way. It was served with tart coleslaw that complimented the barbecue quite well. (While impressed with the coleslaw pulled pork combination, Juli argued that the slaw was a titch too tart.)
Here is where Juli and I differ on our view. The potato chips. They were crunchy kettle chips. I loved them. Juli loved the first few then tired of them.

Value: 3/5: It seemed a little pricey considering the aforementioned flaws. When ordering sandwiches the bread must be perfect. The bread was far from perfect. (Just ask the sandwich king)

Service: 2/5: The waitress may have been nice but in a room as teeny tiny as that room, she sure wasn't around much. And she waited a good 20 minutes to tell Megan that there wasn't any gluten free bread. Hm.

Overall Experience: 4/5: I have to be brutally honest here. The experience WAS only a four out of five. Juli didn't have a car so she had to drive my car (always annoying). And she drove because my right ankle was double the size of my left and deeply bruised. In addition we really just wanted to go to the Elbow Room for a burger. We drove ALL of the way down Fuller, practically a hundred yards past Michigan Ave, only to learn that it doesn't open until 2. (Juli might have even said 3 out of 5)

We apologize for the chintzy review. But it was just that kind of a day, maybe even week. It's good for our readers to relate to us. So now you know. We are human too. In light of that, stay tuned for next week's review. And We Got So Much More, Or, The Electric Cheetah Part II.

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